If you’ve ever had the scare of your clothes dryer almost catching fire then you’ll want to be sure that you take a moment to consider this gadget, a DRYER VENT VAC which sucks the lint out of that tiny crevice in your dryer. I will  make sure that you’ve gotten it all.dryer vent vac

Last fall sometime our dryer did just that, it started smoking a bit and smelling horrible.  This might have been prevented had we taken better precautions and used something like this dryer lint vacuum on a regular basis.  Easy to use, it not only reduces the fire risk associated with your dryer, but it also helps your dryer to run more efficiently. This makes it not only a fire safety device, but also a money saving one as well as your dryer is more energy efficient when it is free from lint buildup.

This item attaches to your vacuum cleaner, allowing you to be able to get down in that small space in your dryer where the lint is trapped. This makes cleaning out the lint trap a breeze. You could also use this attachment to reach other hard to reach places in your home as well, such as behind the fridge, toilet or even behind the dryer and washers themselves.  Just think of the many ways this gadget could come in handy for you!