On the newer Windows versions, you can open ZIP files without installing a separate software. It’s quite basic though it works well enough for quick a look. I’m an old dog who still prefers special software but once I installed them, my ZIP files won’t open up inside of Windows Explorer anymore. Instead, I get a message Windows doesn’t know what program to use.

Like I said, I have my reasons to keep opening ZIP files in the default manner. How does one restore it?┬áThe answer is simply the same way you’d associate any file extension with a program.

First, you locate a zip file in Windows Explorer. Right click on it, select Open

Choose the Select a program from a list of installed programs option. Click OK.

Click Windows Explorer in the Recommended Programs list. Make sure you check the box to always use this program and click OK.

Voila! Now, your ZIP files will open using the default ZIP File Opener (which by the way is Explorer) and you can simply double click on it to open and review the file contents.