Need to find largest files on your computer? So did I when my hard drive ran out of space unexpectedly and I couldn’t save a webinar recording. That is not good and I needed to be able to find the largest files so they can be either deleted or archived on an external disk.

Almost immediately, I found this neat little tool called WinDirStat.

Find largest files and folders visually

Image courtesy of WinDirStat

Not only does it find the largest files it also tells me where the largest directories are which makes more sense because rarely do the largest files on your computer eat up a chunk of your hard drive. It is the largest folders that do that.

As if that isn’t sweet enough, WinDirStat can show me these files and and folders visually. The cherry on top – WinDirStat is opensource, meaning we can put that wallet away. Yay!

WinDirStat as the name suggests is a Windows application. There is a Mac version too called Disk Inventory X

Mac large file finder

As our children use the computer more often and begin downloading and saving files, this should come in very handy as well to weed out all that junk they have accumulated.